Foundation Vision for Science and Technology Growth

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Our Mission

Лого на фондациятаThe creation of the Foundation is driven by the vision of the founder to accelerate the path of Bulgaria's economy, knowledge-based economic growth and prosperity, based on the achievements of science and technology with local industry that creates products and services with higher added value that are competitive in foreign markets and generate highly paid jobs and academic environment that will continue to build highly qualified human capital needed for sustainable economic development driven by science, technology and innovation.

The Foundation has the following objectives:

  1. To accelerate the transition to a knowledge-based economy and rapid economic growth based on science and technology. The Foundation was created to help build mutually beneficial joint cooperation between scientific and industrial circles through which local industry to increase the share of high-tech exports to create opportunities for better paid employment and encourage development of highly qualified human capital necessary for sustainable economic growth based on the achievements of science, technology and innovation;
  2. to encourage the wider application of model for protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) promoting research based on clear guidelines on ownership of IPRs and balanced sharing of revenues from royalties, while protecting the rights of the team of inventors, scientific researchers rights of the scientific institutions in which they work and the rights of companies involved in joint research and financing these;
  3. To encourage collaborative research by directing financial resources from industry to the creation of project consortia between industry and research institutions to orient research to market demand;
  4. To promote significant scientific and research potential of Bulgaria, ignored by the local industry, which has not benefited from it in order to move up the international value chain based on business activities, intensive knowledge and generating higher added value ;
  5. To assist local industries at the discretion of the unique advantages and potential that they have to market to identify scientific and technological solutions in developing new products or services that will help businesses climb up the value chain in the markets in which they operate and create new market niches based on innovative products or services developed in cooperation with scientists and researchers;
  6. To introduce a transparent and effective system of research funding mechanism for the involvement of industrial enterprises in the process of directing research and in applied and fundamental sciences with the aim of science to offer scientific and technological solutions to help industrial enterprises enter the markets of products and services based on knowledge with high added value.
  7. To create a platform through which to bring research in accordance with the needs of local industry, which at the same time to balance the changing prioritization of basic or applied research that the platform will focus on targeted research in basic and applied sciences, to generate products and services with high added value;
  8. To direct research towards direct results with high impact, and also to promote research in basic sciences, given that these disciplines underpin long-term economic development based on knowledge;
  9. To underline the strategic importance of basic science for economic growth based on knowledge, to promote applied research to support the shaping of future scientists, to help increase the attractiveness of academic careers and compensate for the effect of "brain drain" of scientists;
  10. To catalyze the spread of IPR policies that balance approach "pressure supply" in the commercialization of research, ie commercialization led by scientists and inventors (licensing IPR) and a 'demand pull "where is leading the industry by promoting research contracts between industry and scientists;
  11. To encourage disclosure of inventions and patents, allowing scientists and industrial enterprises to direct new research and innovation based on existing scientific achievements;
  12. To introduce practical tools for assessment and asset management of intellectual property (IP) to support the creation and development of the market for IP rights and the use of IP rights to secure the financing of start-ups in the early stages of development.