Foundation Vision for Science and Technology Growth

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Our Solution

Our solutionsInitially, we are focused on the fields of Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Material Sciences. This will be expanded driven by specific demand or emerging targets of opportunity as developed or emerging from interactions with industry or the research community.

Scientific achievements in these areas have driven human progress and improved the quality of life throughout history. We believe that the targeted science sectors are the initial foundation for Bulgaria’s transition to a knowledge-based economy, which can be effectively achieved through a contract model of research-industry collaboration.

Promoting the transformation of cutting-edge scientific research into technologies for industry in Bulgaria and international partnerships, will also provides opportunity and support for new business start-ups. Additional targeted outcomes are the sale or licensing of intellectual property, the ongoing development of intellectual capacity in the young research community and the creative opportunities to link to the science research Diaspora.

It is vital that advantage is taken of the knowledge and experience of researchers, who are members of the Bulgarian Diaspora. According to EUROSTAT, nearly 80% of Bulgarians with PhD’s have gone to live and remain abroad. A targeted focus will be the development and retention of young scientific talent within Bulgaria.