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Friday, 17 November 2017 17:30

Robotic Humanoid Hand - the winning invention of ITI 2017

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The National Exhibition "Inventions, Transfer, Innovations - ITI 2017", organized by the Union of Inventors in Bulgaria, took place in the National House of Technology in Sofia on November 1-3, 2017.

The exhibition is a meeting of inventors, breeders, producers, researchers and students, entrepreneurs, innovation intermediaries and patent specialists. Both Bulgarian and foreign inventors took part in it.

  • Ivan Chavdarov (Robotic Humanoid Hand);
  • "HEALTH - TERA" Ltd. (Means for tissue healing in surgery);
  • Stefan Stanev (Children's pencils for drawing, Luxury cigarettes, Self-propelled wheelchair with air engine, Breathing shoes, Three-chamber wheels for bicycles and motorcycles, Air subway, Mechanized car garages, Turbine for NPP, HPP and TPP with new blade construction, Water- circular-mechanical system with maximum transformation of the kinetic energy of water, Ultra-powerful water pump with innovative design, Water pump - Water accordion without the need for electric or other drive);
  • Georgi Vastraki (Cosmetic remedy for the recovery of muscles and tendons);
  • Team from the "Professional Forum for Education" Association, Technical University Sofia (Innovative Design Solutions for Outdoor Educational Game Playgrounds for gardens between buildings in the cities);
  • Nikola Jovanovic (Beekeeping SMS Scale);
  • Branka Mijatović (Barrier for birds);
  • Milka Matešić (Cream for alopecia and treatment of eczema);
  • Josef Vlk (Manual wheelchair with stair climber);
  • Krassimir Yonkov (Method for extraction of iron ore containing phosphorus);
  • Acad. Yuri Zubaniuk, Konstantin Zubaniuk, Penyu Donev, Kristina Peneva (Green oil, Method and composition for obtaining liquid fuel);
  • Hristo Boyadzhiev, Boyan Boyadzhiev, Maria Doichinova, Petya Popova-Krumova (Method and apparatus for purifying gases from sulfur dioxide);
  • Hristo Boyadzhiev, Boyan Boyadzhiev (Absorption-adsorption apparatus for the purification of sulfur dioxide gases);
  • Teodor Traykov, Steven Zhelev, Aleksander Vladimirov, Alexander Lozanov (Smart House);
  • -Myladin Knezevic (Building blocks with opening and moving component in relation to other blocks and wall-building systems);
  • Petar Rizov (Heat Transfer System);
  • Ivan Todorin (Turbine Engine without transmission);
  • Petar Rizov (Turbocharged centrifugal engine with increased dynamics at minimum volume and weight);
  • Sanja and Mirko Dobrnjac (Solar collector of special solar lamellas);
  • Ing. Pavel Kožmín, Ph. D., Ing. Jiří Syrovátka, Ing. Adam Čermák (Cutting edge in the shape of a wedge with a surface microstructure on the cutting tool);
  • Svetoslav Zabunov, Garo Mardirosyan, Petar Getsov (Acoustic Drones Control Systems);
  • Teodor Traykov, Steven Zhelev, Aleksander Vladimirov (Tesla coil for wireless power transmission);
  • Dr. Stoyan Gishin, Associate Professor (Computer-controlled Pulse Electrical Engineering);
  • Prof. Dr. Argir Zhivondov, Assoc. Prof. Stoyan Dabov, agronomist Yulia Bozhikova (New peach variety - Eumolpia);
  • Touch. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Hristov, PhD. Vasil Georgiev (New cherry variety - Vasinica);
  • Guest. Dr. Dechko Dechev and Rangel Dragov (Solid Wheat Variety - Rajludur);
  • prof. Anna Saldjieva and Valentina Dimitrova (Cotton variety - Aegean);
  • prof. Dr. Darina Valcheva and Prof. Dr. Dragomir Valchev (Winter Two-Order Variety - Daria);
  • Guest. Dr. Natalia Petrovska, Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Genova (Knezha 461);
  • Guest. Georgi Yordanov, PhD (Genuine Corn Hybrid Fodder Kneza 561);
  • Guest. Dr. Valentina Valkova, Prof. Dr. Kiril Hristov, Assoc. Prof. Dimitrina Ilchovska, Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Ivanova (539 Knezha Hybrid);
  • Guest. Prof. Dr. Hristina Georgieva, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Velichka Todorova, Prof. Dr. Stoyka Masheva, Prof. Prof. Galina Pevicharova, PhD, Ass. Ana Samodova (Pepper variety - Ivailovska kapia);
  • Bistra Atanasova (Carnation variety - Sofia);
  • Dimitar Bogdanov, Ivaylo Popov (Training and Demonstration Workshop with multi-functional device for control and protection of field from electrical system).

As noted above, the grand prize of the exhibition was won by Ivan Chavdarov with the project "Robotic Humanoid Hand".

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