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Saturday, 02 December 2017 01:15

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences opens a Student Institution

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Regarding the 145th anniversary of its establishment, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has discovered the Student Institution - UchI-BAS. The aim of this institution is to enable students to express themselves and develop in grades 8 to 12, who wish to be engaged in research activity in some areas of science and/or its applications.

Each participant in UchI-BAS develops a certain topic, under the leadership of a teacher, a learned worker, a university lecturer, a student or another specialist. The most successful projects get the review of the experts, together with a project presentation call organized by the BAN Scientific Session. The authors of the highest rated projects receive awards as well as the right to hold a one-month internship at a permanent research unit at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, after confirmation by its director where they will be able to use library, laboratory, computational resources, etc. The authors of the other projects will receive a certificate of participation in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as well as the opportunity to participate in the academic life in the country, to deepen their research skills, communicating more closely with researchers from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and other higher education institutions in the country abroad.

Reviewing and evaluating projects

The main indicators of the evaluation are: timeliness and motivation for the choice of the topic, clarity and consistency of the exhibition, originality, correct results, absence of technical and spelling errors, clarity of drawings and graphics, overall design of the submitted project.


In the beginning of spring on the website of BAS: an invitation for participation in the scientific sessions and a deadline is going to be published for the submission of the materials by 30 September 2018. A new functionality is being developed on the BAS site and for 2018 projects are expected to be submitted online only on the BAS website -

By 31 October 2018, the authors of the projects allowed to the Student Scientific Session will be informed of the venue and date of the session. The program of the Student Scientific Session as well as the final ranking of the projects are announced on the BAS website.

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