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Monday, 14 May 2018 14:12

WiFi4EU - Free Wi-Fi for Europeans

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The European Commission provides free, high-speed internet for municipalities. Wi-Fi connectivity can be applied by all municipalities in Europe through a contest on the WiFi4EU site.



The purpose of this program is to facilitate the use of the Internet in public places. The WiFi4EU program offers vouchers worth € 15,000 to municipalities to create public wireless access points in public places, including libraries, museums, parks and squares - at the option of municipalities. They can use vouchers to purchase and install wireless internet equipment at their chosen local public life centers.

The application is made on the WiFi4EU site - until May 15, 2018. There must be provided basic information about the municipality, in particular contact details of its legal representative, contact details, which is responsible for registration and application. The registration process has been simplified so that all municipalities can apply in their chosen language without the need for an intermediary.

Over the next 2 years, four more WiFi4EU competitions will be held so that municipalities that are not selected in the first contest will have the opportunity to participate again. But each municipality will have only one voucher for the entire period of the initiative.

On May 15, enrolled participants will be invited by the European Commission to submit their projects, after which the first recipients of the funding will be selected.

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