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Regarding the 145th anniversary of its establishment, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has discovered the Student Institution - UchI-BAS. The aim of this institution is to enable students to express themselves and develop in grades 8 to 12, who wish to be engaged in research activity in some areas of science and/or its applications.

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The Foundation Vision for Science and Technology Growth is working on a project proposal to promote the achievements of the world-renowned scientist of Bulgarian origin, a prominent aerospace engineer specializing in aerospace and rocket engines Prof. Dr. Widen Tabakoff (1919-2015). Almost 50 years he was one of the most prominent researchers of NASA. Among his many contributions to the development of aerospace equipment and technology is his work on the rocket carrier Saturn that make it possible American astronauts to land on the Moon under the Apollo program and his close friend Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the surface of the Moon. Along with the numerous scientific awards Prof. Tabakoff was honored with the recognition from NASA for his contribution.

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