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Friday, 22 June 2018 13:43

The Foundation and “Azbuki” school started a robotics program for children

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Since June 4, children have been able to learn about robotics and programming


The first week of June begins with robotics for children from 9 to 14 years old. Vision for Science and Technology Growth Foundation was the initiator of this project, which is being implemented together with the Azbuki” school.

The summer classes are held in the city of Sofia on the territory of the Azbuki” school for 4  weeks. The classes were 20 astronomical hours per week.

The content of the lessons forms basic skills and practical application through the use of robots and software programs, as robots are increasingly spread all around us, but mostly in science, technology and engineering.

Children had the opportunity to learn about electricity through practical exercises using special appliances and also use the Arduino software. They were trained to control a robot through the software and even measure the distance using sound. They also developed their ability to communicate in a more technical way by learning new words, phrases and terminology that will become everyday elements of conversation.

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