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The European Commission's “Horizon Prize for Social Innovation” will reward the best solutions for improving the travel mobility of older people: €1 000 000 will be awarded to the best solution and the four runner-up prizes will receive €250 000 each.

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Advisory Board

Professor Steve H. Hanke

Professor at Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise.

Established in 1995 by Professor Louis Galambos and Professor Steve H. Hanke, the Institute’s primary purpose and mission is to facilitate post-doctoral research and the publication of that research. The Institute focuses on applied economics, public health economics and policy, and business history. The Institute has a specific and important relationship with the Republic of Bulgaria through the involvement and leadership of Professor Hanke in designing and assisting in the establishment of a currency board in Bulgaria (1997), when Professor Hanke was an advisor to the President of the Republic. The currency board stopped Bulgaria’s hyperinflation, and it has underpinned and supported the Bulgarian Government’s fiscal policy and management since its adoption. Professor Hanke’s research was recognized by the award of an Honorary Doctorate to him in 2013 by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Johns Hopkins University is recognized as one of the world’s leading private research universities. It was the first university in the United States to award Ph.D. degrees. Today, it is recognized for its research excellence, and has, by far, the largest research budget of any university in the U.S..

Acad. Atanas Atanassov

Joint Genomic Center

Academician – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2003), previously Corresponding Member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1997), as well as Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania – 2001 and the Romanian agriculture and forest academy. Member of The Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences – 2003; Professor – De Montford University, Leicester, UK – 1994; Member of The Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences– 1993. Research area:

  • Development, adaptation and application of genetic engineering methods (tissue cultures, cell and molecular genetics) aiming to increase the effectiveness of the genetic and breeding programmes for increasing the efficiency of creation of valuable genetic diversity in economically important species, bearing carrying agronomically valuable traits like: - Resistance to diseases (virus, fungal and bacterial), herbicides (in order to eliminate weeds and parasite plants), heavy metals and pesticides in soil, drought freezing (low and high temperatures); - Improving plant qualities, used as food for humans (β-carrotin, licopin) and animals (consistance of aminoacids, proteins, lignin, lactoferrin, etc.) - Improvement of early raping and productivity; - Increasing the quality and quantity of biologically (secondary) active compounds in medical and herbal plants.
  • Development, adaptation and application of DNA marker methods for accelerating and improving the effectiveness of plant breeding process based on an early evaluation of the breeding material, derived from remote hybridization and somaclonal variations in economically important cultures: barley, wheat, sunflower, tomatoes, tobacco etc. Development of highly effective methods for genotyping and evaluating the available genetic resources resources, keeping the purity and stability of the existing varieties and hybrids and the protection of the intellectual property rights.
  • Development, adaptation and application the methods of in vitro clonal micropropagation and virus diagnosis of valuable vegetatively propagated species and field crops and the development of prebasic and basic certified material for the respective nurceries and breeding programs. The final goal is to develop genetically authentic and phytosanitary healthy plant material.
  • Development, adaptation and application of gene cloning methods for establishing a unique gene bank, containing genes determining economically important gene transfer techniques.
  • Development, adaptation and application of genomics methods for unique national germlasm with high economical value by studying the expression and function of various metabolites in relation of the variations of the genotypes and the environment.
  • Establishment and application of biosafety regulations. Organization of the control in the use of genetically improved plants. Evaluation and management of the risk from developing and releasing GMO into the environment. Increasing the public knowledge and creating of national information system – biosafety database.

Stoyan Boev

Managing Director of ICB-InterConsult Bulgaria

Managing Director of ICB-InterConsult Bulgaria - a leading Bulgarian software and consulting company with more than 20 years market presence, operating in the finance, utility, transport, maritime and defense, engineering and government sectors. He has particular qualifications in the fields of project management, strategic management consulting, business process optimization, software design and development. ICB helps companies to embrace change, become efficient and stay competitive through custom software that increases their productivity 10+ times. ICB is an IT partner for global market leaders and innovative SMEs. 90% of ICB’s business takes place in the Nordic countries, Western Europe and North America.

ICB’s customers come mainly from the IT, industrial engineering, merchant marine, oil & gas, banking and financial services sectors. For two decades our 130+ person team has completed 350+ projects for 50+ organizations in 10+ countries. ICB is experienced in business process automation (BPA), cloud and mobile applications, and solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To manage projects and reduce risk, ICB do business process analysis with ARIS and agile software development with Scrum methodology. ICB is a Microsoft partner, a Value-Added Reseller of Software AG and a System Integrator Partner of OSIsoft. Membership in professional institutions and organizations:

  • Member of the Executive Board of the DIGITAL EUROPE
  • Vice Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT), International Cooperation, European Projects and Programmes
  • Member of the Board of Bulgarian Korean Centre for IT Cooperation • One of the two representatives of the Bulgarian IT Industry before the e-Government working group
  • Member of the Working Group for the High Tech Park in Sofia
  • Member of the Privacy & Security group of DIGITAL EUROPE • Member of the "Security" committee of Confederation of employers and industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG)
  • Bulgarian ICT Cluster, Founder
  • Co-founder and member of the board of Bulgarian – Norwegian business group
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Local Challenges

SymbolIt is imperative that Bulgaria transitions from an economy-based on resource exploration, low skilled manufacturing, and low value added services and construction to an innovation-intensive economy, with an industry that generates higher value added products, high-tech exports, better paid employment.

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New site of the Foundation

Since the beginning of 2017 the Foundation Vision for Science and Technology Growth has a new and modern website. There you could find the whole necessary information relevant to the work and activities of the Foundation. Here we are going to publish updated information on all upcoming events organized by the Foundation, here you can be acquainted with our objectives, strategy and intentions, here you can download important documents and materials, here you will meet our team and our partners and donors. You are always welcome!

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